“Asianity” (Derek Murphy Taichung Exhibition)

展覽提案-Asianity (德瑞克默菲個人展覽)

9-12/10-15, 201o. CTS Modern Art Foundation

“Asianity” will be a display of Taiwan and Asia-specific contemporary oil paintings focusing on cultural identity, national narratives, and contradictions between modern and traditional ideologies. “Asianity”, on the one hand, sounds like a religion or belief system – perhaps implying the acceptance and proliferation of Christianity into Asia. On the other hand, it brings to mind the word “insanity” or craziness. Thus, the title of the exhibition refers to the conflicts between traditional, modern and imported beliefs; the confusion and absurdity of modern culture; and the instability that is the as-yet undefined Asian concept of self.

展覽提案-Asianity (德瑞克默菲個人展覽) 這次Asianity展覽將會展出有關台灣及亞洲地區的當代油畫,畫作內容將聚焦於現代意識型態與傳統意識形態中的文化特徵、國家故事和矛盾等議題。 「Asianity」聽起來就像一們宗教或是信仰體系,暗示社會大眾接受了基督教進入亞洲進而傳播開來的這項事實。另一方面來說,Asianity也會讓 我們想到「精神錯亂」(insanity)或瘋狂(craziness)。有鑑於此,此畫展的標題意指的不只是傳統信仰、現代信仰、外來信仰之間的衝突, 也是存在於現代文化中的混亂和荒謬,另外,還傳達出亞洲本身思想的不穩定。

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