Birth of Venus Noodle Painting

This painting is about as tall as me; making it just about double all my previous canvases. I had the idea for awhile – even before I connected it with Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. As usual, the sketch and outline is amazing, but it gets seriously sidetracked with my messy underpainting (I underpainted in acrylics this time, based on some online feedback about that). The colors should be pretty striking though; bright blues, oranges and greens. Is painting beaches as backgrounds becoming a theme for me? When I went to the Art Taipei 2009 convention last week I came home dedicated to painting ‘clean’ paintings (because all the paintings in Taipei were super clean). I figured if I want to be one of those kinds of artists, who sell paintings for tons of money, I need to make my paintings into finished projects. This…. is still a good goal. Mostly it means working on a piece, polishing it until it doesn’t look half finished, like I gave up too early (a lot of my paintings look like that, I’m going to go back and spruce a few up).

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