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Unfinished projects that I’m working on – witness my creative process!

Work in Progress

Amazing what you can do with a bit of raw umber: deep shadows on Mao and the fruit bowl give an already 3D look – and it’s just the underpainting. That’s my first ever fruit bowl, folks. I was going to call it ‘still life’; because every artist starts out doing still lifes of fruit bowls and it’s great that my version has three hysterical people in it… but I decided to add the Taiwanese “GMP” sticker (genetically modified product) on everything… a statement on Frankenfood I guess.

I’ve been liberally using a big tube of black painting I bought – I remember hearing once that you should never use black because it isn’t found in nature, but I guess that only applies to landscapes. Black is GREAT for oil painting clothes… I love the classy black dress in Rubix Cube.

I’m having a little trouble with the ‘Buddha OJ’ painting. How does all that juice get down into the glass? But the idea is strong enough I think people won’t notice the details. And somehow I gave Kei a potbelly in ‘knockers’… have to try and shadow that out.

Butterflies, Shower, Duck Soup

I am SO on my game this week. OK – I don’t know what the butterflies one is all about. It’s beautiful but too ‘nice’ and cute for my usual style… makes me feel like a teenage girl. And I don’t know what to do about her stomach yet. “Duck Soup” is super large, one of my biggest, and pretty simple but it still makes me laugh out loud. My favorite new piece is the ‘Shower’ (I need a better title, any ideas?) actually I thought of that a long time ago, forgot all about it, and was really excited yesterday when I suddenly remembered. The other one with the crying kids is half of a really big canvas… possibly my most disturbing painting ever, which is saying a lot.


Finishing up some more. “Mao” is the sound cats make in Taiwan…therefore the cute hello kitty/Mao painting.

“Banana” is Taiwanese slang for Asian people who want to be white (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). If this “banana” painting looks insane, it is. Go ahead and question my sanity. Just looking at it makes me confused. But I think I’ll be able to pull it off, and it will rock.


I’m excited about this new painting…. with the red Taiwan door knockers. The model is my friend Kei. The ‘fortune cookie’ one is also going to be a favorite.

I’m feeling like the other one, with the three girls chasing after the nerdy white guy instead of the cool, handsome Asian, is kind of an inside source of bewilderment in Taiwan. Though I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and I’m pretty happy with the effect, it’s not as simply great as many of my less complex pieces. Maybe because, unlike the others it is providing social commentary, and I’d much prefer to shock and awe and amuse, without really saying anything at all.

Rubix Girl and more

Some of the things I’m working on today. The rubix cube girl is going to be amazing… I’m tempted to put a pervert reaching across her chest and ‘solving’ her, but it’ll be stronger if she’s alone. The very sad girl with the sign is from Cambodia; there’s something mischievous about using the pity emotion to sell fine art – but that’s the point, especially as it’s so transparent. The wedding painting is from Brian and Nini’s wedding but I like the expression and it seems like there is more going on, and the three girls on the bike are hot and I’m using them in a painting. And – the buddha/orange juice squeezer is a great idea; wish I could product-market it.

New sketches!

I wish painting were as easy as drawing… I’ve bought several dozen canvases and have mapped out about 20 new paintings. I have ideas for a dozen more. Not particularly brilliant ideas, although there are a few gems in the bunch. I’m doing a lot of portraits, for fun and practice, including this one (the girl and her dog) on commission. All for this Spring’s NCKU exhibition; although I’ve got to finish writing my Harry Potter thesis first!

Back to work

It’s almost 2009. I’ve cleaned out the small room I’m setting up as a studio, it’s nice to have some space to paint. I broke out the gear but have been busy; next week I’ll get on schedule. I started to redo ‘Crucifix’, because it’s a signature piece and I sold it already. I also started another portrait of Funky and am working on ‘evangelicals’… which, because I’m doing it from very poor photos and without a clear scheme, may never look as good as it should.

Almost Thanksgiving

Gotta finish these two up before relatives arrive. I think one more day of painting should do it. My plan is to put red glitter on the red dress… if it doesn’t look to ‘kindergarten craft time’. I’ve also been digging around through old travel pics of Malta, the Middle East and Argentina. Nice to remember so many faces.