Does size matter? How big should my paintings be?

A few years ago, I’d finish a painting and write “This is HUGE” or “Enormous!”. Those paintings were all about half the size of “One More Cup”… painting it I learned that

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size does matter, for lots of different reasons. There are some of the things to think about when you’re buying canvases.

1) Price: If I remember correctly, a canvas this size in the states would probably cost over $100. Price is a major factor, unless you’ve already got clients throwing money at you. Buy as big as you can afford.

2) Most big, classy galleries like to showcase large works of art. Many of the paintings are around this size (4~6 feet); the rest are usually at least 2~3 feet. Smaller paintings just don’t make it into galleries that often.

3) The size of your painting is a statement about yourself as an artist. Are you committed to your work? (Do you have the space, time, resources, dedication to paint such a big piece?) Big paintings attract far more attention, and show that you’re confident about your work.

The negatives:

1) Big paintings are HARD to finish. You get tired, lose a lot of detail work; they take more time, more paint, more effort.

2) They are hard to take care of; easy to scratch, hard to store.

3) Hard to transport. (You can’t fit this painting in any normal car, or even van. You need a moving truck. Even if you rolled them up to ship, you’d need a 5foot tube). These are all things to think about.

Big painting

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