Exhibition in 3 weeks

I’m back at school (4th year Masters) taking a very light load. In 3 weeks I have an exhibition at 102 gallery in Tainan. I’m mostly working on cleaning up/improving some of the paintings I did for the last exhibition that I may have rushed, however I’ve also got two new ones in the works:

I absolutely love how this one looks half done, all rough and white… I kind of wanted to sign it and move on. Gotta learn how to do that half done thing I appreciate. (A lot of great portraits; most actually, are a nicely blended 3d face, maybe folds of clothes, and then a super rough, almost abstract or solid color background… my backgrounds are more often than not too busy.) Despite telling myself to finish the drawing before I start painting, I’ve still to sketch in the hands of this one (it’s a puzzle – she’s holding the last piece. Who knows how it’s gonna turn out.)

The idea for this one is still awesome, and it’s looking good – even though her head is too small and her body looks like a linebacker (big and buff) the pose and facial expression is still pretty much what I wanted and I’m happy with it. I’ll give her some more color, a little more dimension… hope to finish by Friday!

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