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When I was about 18, I sent out slides (remember them?) of my paintings, in envelopes I made from magazine cutouts, to all the galleries in Portland. I also sent a letter which said, in effect, “I’m going to be a huge star, so you can either get on board early and show my amazing paintings, or miss out.”

I didn’t get any responses.

Later, when I first started showing my work in Malta, a few galleries pretended to show my work (but didn’t really) so that they could keep a couple paintings as commission. Others bought all my work, but at scandalously low prices.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I began getting represented by real galleries, mostly around Taiwan. I’m very grateful for the shows I’ve been able to do and the friends and contacts I’ve met through them.

Past Exhibitions 展覽

Geisai 3, Taipei (12/4/2011)

-Exposure 2, Taipei (8/22/2011)

-2011 NTU Festival of Arts 臺大藝術季 (Group), Taipei, Taiwan
-2011 Taipei Artist Village 台北國際藝術村 (Group), Taipei, Taiwan
-2010 Geisai Art Fair (Group), Taipei, Taiwan
-2010 Art Revolution 改革藝術季 (Group), Taipei, Taiwan
-2010 ChenTing-Shih Modern Art Foundation (Solo) 財團法人陳庭詩現代藝術基金, Taichung, Taiwan
-2010 SkyLine Gallery 藝術天際畫廊 (Solo), Tainan, Taiwan
-2010 Alleycats HuaShan Creative Park (Solo) 巷貓 – 華山店, Taipei, Taiwan
-2010 Warehouse Gallery (Solo) 倉庫藝術空間坊, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
-2010 Taipei Mayor’s Salon (Group) 市長官邸藝文沙龍, Taipei, Taiwan
-2009 Gallery 102 (Solo), Tainan, Taiwan
-2009 NCKU Art Space (Solo), Tainan, Taiwan
-2007 Chiayi International Artfest (Group), Chiayi, Taiwan
-2002 Lake Oswego Festival of The Arts (Group), Oregon, USA
-2002 Living Enrichment Center (Group), Wilsonville, USA
-2001 Art at Bay Street (Group), Malta, Italy
-2001 The Labyrinth (Solo), Malta, Italy
-2000 The Gallery (Group), Malta, Italy

Exhibition Pictures