Ganesh, Garuda pop-art hybrids and Steve Jobs Tribute

I’m supposed to be working on my novel for NanoWriMo, but I got distracted today. Suddenly I’m concerned about Geisei, which is coming up soon in December and I really want to WOW people. So I came up with a new painting idea. Here is the very rough mockup. It’s complicated, but rather than do it all in detailed oils, I’m going to try making an elaborate pencil sketch and only doing very light colors with chinese water color paints – this should make things

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much faster and it will probably look awesome.

It’s way too busy, I know, but it’ll mostly be like a line sketch. I’ll get rid of that “buy it now” too… although I like the facebook and twitter buttons because the painting -besides being a tribute to Steve Jobs, is also about social media, herd mentality, leaders and followers, etc.

I’m also going to start focusing on making design versions of my ideas, to get them out in more formats… so here are closeups of my garuda and ganesh hybrids, I’ll make them into Tshirts soon!


8 thoughts on “Ganesh, Garuda pop-art hybrids and Steve Jobs Tribute

  1. This is NOT art. I can understand artistic freedom, but not when you are showing disrespect for Religion.
    Would you like to put the face of Hitler instead of Jesus in the virgin Mary’s lap? if that is your faith..

    What you do not have the capacity to understand, must best be left as is.

  2. This is beyond disrespectful, it offends every Hindu to the core! Have you received permission from Steve Jobs to use his likeness in this fashion? Have you received permission from Rovio (Angry BIrds) to use their image? So you are a basically just a disrespectful HACK with no morals, ethics or standards.

  3. You claim to be an artist and this is what you produce? A “cut and paste” of religious icons into an inappropriate montage in the hope of garnering attention by shock value?

    I see you are also a very “brave” artist since you choose hindu icons to misappropriate–sine they never actually take action against folks like you. Waiting with bated breath for your muhhammed montage

  4. You took these god’s pic to create ur own creativity but ur mother??? to create u???? If u can post that too that would be great…

  5. Lighten up people, it is better to promote god with progressive good humor, even the names of god mocked is better than no name at all, the sacred essence remains. Who’s to say all hindu’s and hindu god’s are so humorless.

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