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  1. Thank you for your blog. Your blog and the taiwanfun.com were just about the only rerseocus in English for dining in Taipei.1) NYC, and the bay area of California before that2) Google3) restaurant info, both4) There’s an amazing Indian buffet in Manhattan called Chola.5) Don’t eat at any of the crappy chain restaurants in Times Square. Also, I believe that dim sum in Manhattan Chinatown is pretty weak.6) I’m on my first (and probably last for a long time) trip to Taiwan, and I knew that I wanted to get some yan su ji, shaved ice, bubble tea, congee, and zha jiang mian, among other things.I found amazing yan su ji right next to the Ximen MRT (NW corner of intersection), predictably great mango ice at Ice Monster, high quality bubble tea at both CoCo in Taipei 101 and 50 Lan (hat tip to joanh), and yummy congee at the Shangri-La breakfast buffet (which is wonderful in every way, by the way). My only “miss” was the zha jiang mian I ate. I think I’m just used to the version from ban mu yuan in Cupertino. And I didn’t know that I liked “oyster vermicelli” soup so much until I went to Ay-Chung. I also hit up Din Tai Fung which was awesome as expected. Tonight we’re going to Shin Yeh Table (hat tip to joanh again).7) nothing, since I’m only here for a week8) oyster egg omelet, but my wife is a stinky tofu addict 9) It sounds like you spend a lot of time in LA. Why on earth would you ever eat an enchilada in Taipei? Thanks again for the blog. It’s a godsend for us non-Chinese reading visitors to Taipei who do not have Chinese reading hosts to help us, all 26 of us!P.S. You could use a little “about me” blurb on your blog, to help us readers understand where you’re coming from.

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