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  1. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Dan Ryan’s last year and found it so-so at best. The idea of hainvg a pre-plated meal (no second or third helpings!) for Thanksgiving is counterintuitive enough as it is, and the food here was mediocre and overpriced, really. Not horrible, but utterly forgettable. On the plus side, we were able to secure a reservation fairly last minute. That’s about the only plus I can think of, though. The hotel packages seem like they would be decent, but don’t most of them cost upwards of NT$3,000? That’s just obscene.This year I think we’ll be doing Thanksgiving at home (and on a Saturday to boot!). No turkey, but maybe as large a chicken as we can manage to fit in our tiny oven, and whatever semi-authentic sides we can come up with.

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