How to make an artist website and sell your works online

Ha – hope I tricked you by the title. Actually I sold 22 works for a grand total of about $5000usd at my last exhibition, which was spent moving to Taipei, buying new furniture, and starting school. That was in August 2010, and I haven’t done any painting since then (I was working on my book, Jesus Potter Harry Christ – comparing the similarities between Jesus and Harry Potter.)

But I’m just about caught up on life, and found an awesome new wordpress theme for this site, which I’ll be updating soon (look around you; if this site looks a little messy and strange, I haven’t done it yet. If it looks shiny and kick-ass, it’s the new theme). I’ve also decided to share actual useful tips on how to be an artist, get into into galleries and sell your paintings.

But rather than post that stuff here, I’m starting a new website just for creative and indie artist/authors, called “Creativindie”. It’s going to rock.

Oh yeah – I’ve got a solo exhibit in National Taiwan University’s student center in May, so I’ll get a few new pieces done before then.

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