How to promote my art? Get your art noticed with these tips!

If you’re an artist, you’re probably wondering how to get more exposure. There are tons of websites and offerings online claiming to boost your sales, get more fans, and make you internationally famous, but do they really work? In this article, I’ll give you (what I’ve found to be) the most effective way of marketing my paintings.

1) If you want the career of an artist, focus on building your reputation to the point where galleries will deal with you – your online presence is a big part of this. There are many websites that will host your paintings, but very few viewers buy art online! The majority of people who will see your paintings on websites like or are other artists trying to promote their own work. Most galleries deal with local artists who approach them – they aren’t searching online for emerging artists.

2) Rather than spreading your online presence thin, focus on a handful of big websites – go where the people are., Facebook, and Myspace are the heavy hitters. Be consistent; develop your individual pages and link them all to your main website (it’s important to have a website – but nobody will find it unless you direct them there – and to do that you need to be a posting contributor on a big community site where members will automatically see your new uploads.

3) Tag and name all of your works well – with your name, style, medium, and geographic area; this will be helpful for search engines.

4) Organize a contest around your art for a free poster or print – you can also use or to offer products/prints of your work online (a great way to supplement income and increase your exposure). If you find a printer who can do it cheaply – print a few thousand postcards with links to your site and distribute them in coffeeshops around your city. You could also print posters and find places in public where you can put them up (give them away to a restaurant or cafe, etc…)

5) Advertise – but only if you have a product to sell. If you have links on every picture to a site where viewers can buy posters, and you’ve already had some viewers buy prints, then you can crank up the volume with advertising on Google or Facebook. Hopefully you’ll get enough people to your site to buy enough prints to pay for the advertising – getting tons of ‘free’ exposure.

6) Post news on Craigslist about events or updates to your site.

Follow this tips to get an immediate online presence and build up your visitors! Good luck.

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