I am the new philosophy of religion

I am the new philosophy of religion, and philosophy of spirituality, and in that effect, I am the new voice of Truth, Wisdom, Goodness, and represent the point of life in General. Literary Analysis and Deconstruction cannot exist without a voice like mine; or at least should not, for the very reason that I dislike post-modernism; you are left with piles of junk and no life whatsoever. Literature must be saved, preserved. No traded in for texts and analysis. After all, it is not sick, it does not need to be probed, medicined, filtered and sewn back together. It should not be displayed coursely on the sterile operating table of criticism; able to have its secrets examined in harsh metallic lighting by the first year medical students. Take away its mystique, its grandeur, and you really are missing sometthing important. Instead, restore literature to its place: a beacon of light and truth, a clear voice of understanding.

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