I am the shit.

I’ve decided it’s ok to swear because I don’t think many people visit my blog anyway; I’ve been using facebook a lot and it’s way better for letting people see what I’m working on. Today, as I sometimes do when I’ve been painting and I cross from “this looks terrible, I’m not sure I can pull it off” to “Damn, I’m awesome”, I realized that I am the shit. In 5 years I will have galleries and collectors around the world begging for a piece of the action.

There are other great artists, doing other great stuff, and many are even better painters. But nobody is doing what I’m doing – and there are a great deal many more people who are painting garbage.

Here’s the latest upgrades, I’m almost finished with these three. Does anyone else find it fascinating to see the progression? I guess I should finish a painting, then post all the stages together so you can really see the process.

I love painting fruit. If it weren’t so boring, I’d paint it all the time.

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