“Misfits” – Exploring Asian Identity: An Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Derek Murphy

Saturday, August 7th, from 3 to 6pm.

Art-Skyline Gallery

Opening Hours: PM 02:00 ~ PM 10:00

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Address: 68 Jianping 3rd st., Tainan, Taiwan

“As a foreign artist working and living in Taiwan, my paintings offer a unique insight into themes of culture shock, language barriers, international communication, and globalization. More broadly, my previous exhibitions have used the absurd and the surreal to challenge untested assumptions and mental bridges, in the eternal artistic purpose of unveiling Truth and Meaning.”

The current exhibition “Misfits” is a display of my most recent series of paintings, which problematize issues of cultural identity and belonging. In a globalized and increasingly Westernized Taiwan, the barriers between race and culture are being broken down. Even family and racial distinctions become blurred, leading to an acute crisis in self-identity – both for native Taiwanese and for long-term international residents. Misfits – or blended identities formed from many diverse sources – no longer find refuge in familiar herd thinking of only one group. They are the proverbial black sheep; and they may soon be the majority.

藝術展覽:Misfits(迥異)油畫展  畫家:德瑞克莫菲



[1] 羊群思維是指社會大眾受到媒體或外在因素影響所致,而形成的一種思維。其實就是惰性思維,不會主動吸收新知、了解新環境。

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