A few of my favorite paintings

Scroll down to see some of my favorite paintings!

“One More Cup” 來一客– 130x180cm- Oil on Canvas, 2009


“Lamb Chop ” 血浴– 127x97cm- Oil on Canvas, 2010



“Horny” 性飢渴– 117x91cm- Oil on Canvas, 2009


“Conservation” 對話– 117x81cm- Oil on Canvas, 2009


“Mao” 毛 / 貓– 50x61cm- Oil on Canvas, 2002

“Skinny” 皮包骨 – 71x9cm – Oil on Canvas, 2010

“Happy Meal” 快樂兒童餐– 71x91cm- Oil on Canvas, 2005


“Mary Doody” 傀儡– 50x61cm- Oil on Canvas, 2002

“Handwich” 手明治– 20″x24″- Oil on Canvas, 2005

“Sacrifice” 犧牲– 127x97cm – Oil on Canvas, 2010

“Endangered Species” 瀕臨絕種物種– 117x91cm – Oil on Canvas, 2010

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Derek Murphy is an American surrealist painter living and working in Taipei. His contemporary oil paintings have been featured in various publications including Xpat Magazine, Seety, the Taiwan Journal and Bunk, and he’s participated in local and international art exhibitions and art fairs including Geisei 2 and Revolution Art.