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Geisai2 Taipei Art Fair 2010 – Derek Murphy

What?: GEISAI TAIWAN#2 には、出展物がオリジナル作品であれば、プロ・アマ問わずどなたでも参加できます。
Where?: 台湾台北市華山創意文化園區 (Huashan Culture Park Taipei)

Today I went to a big art fair in HuaShan Culture Park called Geisei – it’s a Japanese art fair run by a famous artist. There were a couple hundred artists ranging from bleh to pretty sick (= great). Unfortunately, for my part, I didn’t do so well.

I’d planned on making a big deal out of this but have been too busy with school and writing my book, so I didn’t prepare at all. Also, I hadn’t realized that you were supposed to really think about how to use the space creatively. All I did was throw up some old beaten up paintings and some of my leftovers from previously galleries.

Also, probably because I paid last minute, they stuck me upstairs (I think opened an extra room as an afterthought) and about 1/4th or less of the visitors realized there was anything up there. So we missed all the heavy traffic. And, for some reason I brought only a few hundred of my postcards (rather than the 1000+ I have at home) so I ran out. Then, I took a taxi home to get more, but left me keys at the show, so went back empty handed. I had no business cards or anything, really pathetic. And I was freaking tired. I quit early and left.

It wasn’t a total loss, I got some exposure, people like my stuff, I made some new friends. If they do it again next year I’ll plan it well and put together a much better showing.

I was number “C001” (C-0-0-1) which looks like “Cool” . 🙂

Here are some pictures of the stuff I liked. My buddy Hack put together a very nice showing, spent a lot of time on it, was well prepared. My absolute favorite was the wolf wrestling the sexy sheep girl by Touko Yuma. Fantastic painting.