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For Sale

In the next year I plan to be traveling extensively – some of my paintings are large and need a home. I’ve set prices around 1/3 of my normal gallery rates, and they’ll be in storage for the time being…

For sizes, look in my gallery.

Small icons, $100/3000nt each with frame


Boy Trouble – $200/7,000NT


Orange Juice – $200/7,000NT


Fortune Cookie – $200/7000nt


Conservation – $200/7,000nt


Small icons, $100/3000nt each with frame


Endangered Species 瀕臨絕種物種 – $200/7,000NT


Adultery – $200/7000NT


Skinny - $150/5000nt
Skinny – $150/5000nt



GirlScoutCookies – $150/5000nt


ManPot – $150/5000nt


Evangelic – $150/5000nt
Portrait – $150/5000nt


Disposable – $200/7000NT


Butterflies – $200/7000nt
rubix girl – $200/7000nt
Indigenous Taiwan – $150/5000nt


Jesus icon on wood with gold frame – $200/7000nt
Unfinished – best offer?


Astrobama Boy $200/7000nt


Leonardo diPikachu $200/7000nt
Sailor Gaga $200/7000nt


Endangered Species – $200/7000nt
Baptism – $300/10,000nt


Intimacy – $150/5,000nt


Holiday – $300/10,000nt


Eucharist - $300/10,000nt
Eucharist – $300/10,000nt


Creation – $300/10,000nt


Taiwan Family – $200/7000nt


Still-Life $200/7000nt


Safe Sex $2000/7000nt


Equilibrium $140/5000nt
Equilibrium $140/5000nt


Final Markdown $150/5000nt


Iscream – $150/5000nt