The pressure is on!

I have a little more than a week before the blue truck comes to take my paintings to the gallery. I just checked my studio: I have 4 half-finished paintings, and 7 that I’ve only sketched or outlined! Crickey! I busted out these three today. The little girl with the sign (I think I’ll call ‘guilt trip’) that says “buy this painting” is going to be great – I love the beautifully depressing gray background. I went for a heavy shadow on my shower man (maybe I’ll call it ‘conservation’?)… I know it looks funny now, and I hope I haven’t ruined the background, but once I do all the flesh you’ll barely notice all those shadows (unfortunately – kind of defeats the purpose of painting them, unless I can keep them there and paint around them like I did in the Mao painting).

Finally – ‘fortune cookie’ is looking good. A few little decisions really bring out the irony: the beautiful, sunny blue sky, the vibrant beach, the pink sweater… what would be a very nice afternoon – and then that bizarrely dark message… 🙂

Oh yeah – and, although I feel I rushed it and could still do some work on the faces… ‘Rubrix girl’ and ‘knockers’ are finished for practical purposes.

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