Two new paintings: Jesus in Taiwan


Here are two new paintings, both of which show Jesus in Taiwan and problematize the influence of Christianity on Asian culture. The first was inspired by a similar picture but with Jesus actually hugging the geographic leaf shaped island of Taiwan; which I found absurd and sickening at the same time. (“Jesus loves you, you strange, foreign, Asian country, and you are under Jesus’ love and protection, regardless of the fact that 90% of you worship strange Samurai-esque gods.”) I change the Taiwan into a Taiwanese baby, and put these two fierce but very common local spiritual entities in the background peering over Jesus’ shoulder. The point is that Taiwan already has some big, tough, mean and very popular gods who demand to be worshiped. Who does Jesus think he is – some white, English speaking long haired hippy – coming in and picking up the babies as if they need to be rescued?

IMG_2432The second is a little more fun. Based on a picture of the triumphant, risen Jesus. I wanted for some time to have this Jesus ripping apart a lamb, spraying blood everywhere, to show the happy, blissfully ecstatic Jesus worshipers smiling while being bathed in the blood of the lamb. But it’s much more funny instead to use this stuffed toy sheep, which is very familiar in Taiwan, and to have Jesus in a party scene with lots of hot Asian girls. The themes that emerge are many: Christianity as post-colonialism and the relation to the white guys in Taiwan who are so popular with Taiwanese girls who just want to experience Western culture (but are often taken advantage of); the fact that Christianity has very little influence on many Taiwanese girls, who go out and dress sexy and flirt with guys anyway; the fact that the poor sheep is being bled to death for the sins of these party animals who don’t give a damn…

Anyway, it should be pretty interesting.

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