Andres Amador, Low Tide Artist

Congrats to Andres Amador, San Francisco Bay area resident who rakes giant patterns into the beach at low tide, for getting some media exposure (after 5 years…). Obviously, these took a lot of work, and drumming up the motivation to keep on doing it for so long (as a ‘hobby’) until someone takes you seriously as an artist must not have been easy.

Andres says, “The art I create is intended as a reflection and a reminder of the grandeur that exists within every viewer and the beauty that abounds in our world everywhere we look.”

Things to learn from Andres: whatever you do, do it BIG. If you want to be a ‘real’ artist, size matters. Do it BIG, and do it a lot. Repeat it indefinitely. Also, whenever possible, find a way to do your art in public. Take your easel out to a public space, organize a ‘painting party’ in the park, gather with other local artists and have an event. It’s really hard to get people to notice your work when it’s at home. Take it out!


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